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My mom knows her. Good lady. They both go to the Buffalo Bills the future is now shirt same church on Sunday. I’ve met her a few times but that’s about it. All right, I am writing this in English because I want to let more people know about what happened during the last days in Chinese social media, and its impact on us and even on the whole world. I don’t like football or the NFL but I do like women getting jobs men think only men can do. I hope she destroys her misogynist competition.”First female full-time coach”. Professional writers (and editors) used to be those who studied the language. We assume she’s a full-time female. A lovely story in so much that it shows the promotion of someone who knows their job. This is how people should advance in life. Well done young lady and may you achieve all your ambitions. If you’re helping our team it doesn’t matter what gender you are, just know what you need to do. Just in time for publicity surrounding the movie about the NFL ignoring traumatic brain injury in men for years and years I hope she enjoys her timely consolation prize designed to head off the bad press.Wes Mantooth: “You know, I understand that, uh, they had to bring a female in, change your diapers, wipe the dribble away from your bubbling lips, rub vaseline all over your Heine and tell that it’s special and different from everyone else.”I am sure so many men do not like this.

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However, guys have to Buffalo Bills the future is now shirt get used to women breaking through the glass ceiling in all professions. While this is somewhat nice to see, it makes little sense to me for a woman to be a coach for an all-male sport. I’m sure she will do fine given her experience with the game,

but the fact remains that she has never, and could never, actually do what she is coaching others to do. The beginning of the end for the NFL. Once PC takes precedence the game is up. This is not misogyny this is the fact. Why can’t the women just stick to their own games and leave us guys to run ours? We don’t interfere with your embroidery classes!


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