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If we get one more chance to Build for the open road buttery films shirt be with one of the most iconic characters in the film then bring it on. And sorry but don’t care what age he is Harrison Ford is Indy and that’s it. There’s no reason why characters can’t grow old. It happens. We need to stop being so precious about Harrison Ford as Indy. He was way too old to do it believably 12 years ago when the last one came out. He’s been phoning in performances for just as long. We need to just let the guy rest and recast him or just change the name in the script so it’s a different character altogether. They are all good movies…nothing can be said bad about these movies…they were movies of one of kind..watching them multiple times as a growing teenager love it…my personal favorite one has been “temple of the doom” with legendary Indian villain actor Mr. Amrish Puri…lets all wait & see how the final one will turn out…only time will tell…Great idea hopes it sees him hand the adventure mantle on to his son hopefully played by a different actor, as sad as it sounds I think Harrison Ford’s character should be killed off towards the end of the movie setting up for a new trilogy with a son. Geriatric Jones. Sigh. I wish more studios/filmmakers wanted to make something new rather than re-hash everything that was once a fresh, joyous experience for previous generations. As much as I am all for recycling…today’s kids deserve filmic adventures of their very own. Love him and the IJ series.

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There needs to Build for the open road buttery films shirt be one more. I’m sure it’ll be age-appropriate and will be great. We need 1 more before he’s no longer with us. He’s in great shape and I can see another one if written well. He is the one and only Indy. They should use the actor Jamie Costa I think He’s too old now. I’ve watched him in tv interviews and he is shaking. His voice also quivers. I actually thought that he shouldn’t be allowed to fly his airplane anymore especially after his last crash.3 out of 4 are great, the alien one not so much.

Hopefully, they dial it back to the classic kind of Indiana story’s, no more being blasted by a nuke in a fridge and walking away totally fine. I’m kinda ambivalent about the Indiana Jones series because raiders of the lost ark and the last crusade were awesome movies but unfortunately, the temple of doom and kingdom of the crystal skull wasn’t that good tbh. I just hope the fifth film can help redeem the series so it ends on a positive note once and for all.


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