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I started using reusables last year. Game changer. It’s no less horrible than removing a towel/tampon and Busy doin nothing shirt disposing of it. Swill under the cold tap, into a wet bag, then wash at 40degrees. Better for the environment and better for me as I’m sensitive to sanitary towels. Ok, the outlay is a little more but they last years! Personally, I’m shocked they’ve managed to tax these for so long! Having worked in a school where girls couldn’t afford these and would use tissue I 100% support free sanitary wear! People seem to be thinking that sanitary products will now be free. They won’t. They will be exempt from VAT as they are now classed as a necessary product and not as a luxury as before. You can argue all you want about how expensive/inexpensive they are but the point is that many people consider them to be necessary for approximately 40 years of their lives. They are not a “luxury” and should never have been taxed as such. The problem being the UK government could have removed the tampon tax years ago, just sighting gender equality or a half dozen reasons for doing it. My mother used torn up sheeting as rags before the Second World War they were then steeped and washed.

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The first time that she used sanitary products was when one of the Busy doin nothing shirt Royal family donated them to the women in service. This is a good thing for sure, I am annoyed it is being sold as a benefit of Brexit though. The govt made steps to bring this in three years ago, then it got shelved while things took over…

I think the timing is very deliberate, however, we didn’t need to leave the EU to do this…without the added tax why do they need to be free what else we need for free for years these items have just been added to the shopping unnoticed because they are a priority and should be affordable but not free. Where exactly are they free to get in Scotland? I keep hearing they’re free but no one has ever said where they’re freely available. Genuine question.


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