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Such desperate moves won’t hurt them. Sooner or later they will be World’s biggest economy and Busy doing nothing shirt everyone else will be doing business with them. Such moves will further hurt the US economy. Ridicules coming out of the U.S which is the worst nation when it comes to invading other nations and waging war. They wanted this to happen. Strengthening geopolitical ties, and dialogue is better than a cold war!! Have not learned anything from the past? What a bold move from the US government! This has the same impact as writing the names of those companies on a piece of paper and then burning it That’s how they do business in the USA – and the Brexit nutters think they can do a deal with them that will benefit the UK – best of luck with that one sucker! Seems okay for the military companies to run the US government and control their foreign policy though. Bit hypocritical.US is very cautious on this matter and I can’t blame them. Businesses in China are regulated by the Chinese Communist Party.

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Great! The world needs to Busy doing nothing shirt stand together against the CCP for their human rights abuses and military aggressions, and IP thefts, etc. It’s about time the US administration invests in peaceful technologies instead of having the largest military budget than the next 5 nations combined, then and only then will America become great.

More economic pain than gain for America. The US is losing a trade war with China. The US about to collapse. their internal debt runs in the trillions, and since almost everything is state-owned, and going under, they are in trouble. Perhaps Wall Street has an inkling of what going on and putting in safeguards now. Anyone invested in these companies will be thankful in the end!


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