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Desperate! Such blatantly absurd things can actually appear in the Candace Owens free speech all star shirt US election and it seems that no one can stop it from continuing! As it is in Hong Kong, as in the United States, there may be others… there seems to be nothing in this world that can be trusted! Will Joe Biden’s administration work hand in hand with Christians as Donald Tramp’s administration did will he work together with the Israelis.Calm and Powerful Leader. A true leader leads a nation while its people are trusting in him. A nation divided shows weakness. Donald is the worst politician ever because his mind is like those politicians in the t world countries. He shouldn’t be the president in the first place. A president produced by magic. The world sees the corruption of this recent election. Another country should rise as a superpower. America is beginning to implode. Worst a senile leader has emerged with the second and third in the line of leadership are despicable and radical people.

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It was a great loss, one of the Candace Owens free speech all star shirt greatest ever, the ballot checkers said they’d never seen a greater loss ever after being the President of the USA please don’t forget your Kurd friends as they voted for you in Michigan also in Kurdistan people have been supporting you since you have been nominated for the presidency. Let’s get back to younger Presidents,.. watching these Narcissistic elderly gents sparing is humiliating and cringe-worthy! Joe Biden Is a man who has blood on his hands. Just remember Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq.

Both he and Clintons should be held responsible for war crimes against humanity. People from the Balkans know this very well. Why does it always look like he looking into one direction where the speech is written!!! Show some interaction with the audience!! Savor your last month or so under Trump, because pretty soon you’re going to be living under the rules of the Chinese Communist state. Good luck from the UK.


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