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Candace Owens hope shirt


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You’re an old age you can’t lead anything right now, Candace Owens hope shirt please, take a break. You have degraded the American people. You have reduced the superpower of the United States of America. For the last 5 years, the American people have had a reputation in the world, but sorry not today. The question is who caused all these problems? Getting the answer to this question is easy. Trump caused all these bad actions. Hey Trump. Please go to your home and take a rest. In a fractured and broken, divisive country nobody ultimately wins in the end. All those that are left are just survivors and serfs. He is a big liar than Trump. And people cannot see it because they are too angry and frustrated with trump. But he will damage more. Now there is a glitch in software used in some voting districts tallying the votes?

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Best Candace Owens hope shirt

Friendly reminder that Al Gore thought he was President for 37 days. And Candace Owens hope shirt we see how that turned out. The Fake News media has zero authority to decide the winner of any election. This election is far from over & is currently under substantial legal and constitutional disputes. Literally, hundreds of thousands of instances of voter fraud (all Democrat) have already been discovered by Trump’s legal team – which consists of more than 100 of some of the most powerful lawyers in the country.
As of now, there are far more legal & certifiable votes for Trump, than for Biden. If the Supreme Court rules against the constitution that illegal votes should count, then Trump will lose. If the Supreme Court rules with the Constitution that illegal votes should not count, then Trump will win. It really is that simple. And Conservatives now control the Supreme Court. Relax. Grab some popcorn & enjoy the show. Never understand why and how he won 4 years ago. He hasn’t made The USA great again, the USA will always be great, but will certainly be better off without a clown as the president who can’t even talk correctly. Trump doesn’t care about America he cares about himself. Game over Donald and now you have to face pending lawsuits, bankruptcy. Good luck Biden.


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