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But with such a Can’t mask the love for my students shirt obvious disaster looming, you might have thought that a reasonably competent government might make better arrangements. Rob Walkling Would love to see if they get the same result from actually taking the exam. How many would be protesting then? Yes, its a shame they didnt get to sit the exam and show what they could do, but on the other hand, I expect the exam boards, etc have never had to deal with a situation like covid before…….

Can’t mask the love for my students shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Can't mask the love for my students ladies-tee
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Nev Hart We have a protest once a Can’t mask the love for my student’s shirt week just lately. I thought we were still in the middle of a pandemic. Local lockdowns across the country. But it seems it does not matter. Bunch of selfish bastar##. People have lost jobs and livelihoods but some people are so self-centered and just do not care. Jo Williamson 36 laughing emojis- what a lack of compassion we have in this country right now. I’m appalled. Karen Wilton Sorry but ‘will have to retake exam’. The point is they haven’t actually taken any exams. If they want their grades they should want to take them in October

Kahręleenah Vaca Durmio Funny how events can just turn around quickly. Protesters have been recently lashed out left, right& center in the name of curbing the spread of COVID. Now that a crisis has affected all backgrounds, it’s all suddenly “OK” to march and gather in 1000s!!! Protect the NHS, Stay Home!!

But think of the older people who thought that they would retire in a few years but suddenly lost all of that security through no fault of their own and now will struggle to retrain and compete in the jobs market. Leslie Foster this Government must be made to pay for their incompetence over the exam results from our children future is not a toy for incompetent people to play with we must stand side by side and protect our children teaches must stand together and bring this Government to its knees by refusing to work


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