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Alexandra Bird In ancient Rome, a man who singlehandedly saved a legion from destruction–even when he had to make the decision necessary on his own–was awarded the grass crown. I’d say this man deserves one. Dave Hollings Sounds like a fine commanding officer. Thinking first about the Captain Procrastination Shirt sailors under his command. The officers who should be removed are his immediate superiors who did not act on his ask for help saving his crew. Isabel Adams was doing his job, ensuring the safety of those under his command.

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Paul Sutton The unfortunate result of ‘not following orders’. I’m sure his crew appreciates what he did, even if Trump & his cronies didn’t. This guy should hold his head high everywhere he goes for doing the right thing. John Slatter This day? That man could topple a Govts! Because he is a true C.O. and thought of those under his Command! Just think of that! History proves that! Rosemary Hill There is something eerily reminiscent in this of the Captain Procrastination Shirt treatment of Doctor Li in Wuhan by the Chinese authorities. I hope this brave man’s story will not have the same tragic ending. Meanwhile, I hope – but doubt – that whoever gave the order to have Captain Crozier relieved of his command is hanging his head in shame tonight. Chris Roth, We need more men like this. He did what he had to do to fulfill his first obligation: his sailors. God Bless this old school captain who gets it.


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