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David Wheeler I think once this is all over.. Some of the money should go to the family of the people that died while working for the NHS… The Sir Tom Moore memorial hospital.. Has a  Captain Procrastination T-Shirt nice ring to it aswellDavid Patrick I’ve seen calls for this to be spent on mental health support for the NHS in the same way Capt Tom would have needed but never got. NHS needs all donations without deductions to donations anyway.Paul Tucker Costs a charity £1,800 to join the scheme and so far despite various efforts to contact the charity, our hospice has not had any response at all.Ju Haynes He is ever so amazing! But I am quite sad that he had to raise money for NHS like it’s a charity. NHS is not a charity. It should be properly funded and properly supported.

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Patricia Dickson I hope it goes to the right people and not to the administration who runs it he should have a say were it goes if I had done that I would want to know were it was going NHS first they are doing a great job putting their life’s at risks for us careers as well and every one else who is in the front line to  Captain Procrastination T-Shirtmany to mention but you all know who they areTrevor Horton Well done sir What an amazing achievement all best wishes for your future and have a very happy birthday . True British grit . We are indeed in your debt . God bless you sir


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