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Not a fan. I tried to Carl Ruiz Ruzing Shirt enjoy it, but no. Still, could be worse, imagine if they were to create a show about dog grooming. My daughter got around me to watch a drag race with her a couple of months ago. After a couple of episodes, I was hooked. We can’t wait for the new series to start tomorrow night. If people dont like it then they dont have to watch it. Lighten up! This show is for adults, children have plenty of opportunities to watch educational programmes and animated films, adults don’t want to watch Jackanory during evenings, it’s light-hearted, I’ve never actually watched any productions myself however I’m not out to deprive people of a laugh, especially during these Covid times , I actually find this show rather exploitative. It’s like they tried to find the most ridiculous looking contestants and asked them to do the most ridiculous things which made them look like clowns and purposefully ugly. I don’t have such a strong feeling when I saw the US version. Given I only watched bits of the show and this is just my personal opinion.Oh my god! So many Karen’s and Terry’s on here. Drag is wonderful. The Queens are beautiful people who show us diversity, compassion, love, and everything else these amazing Queens are. If it’s not something you watch, scroll past without comment.

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Children love RPDR, they learn so much about acceptance from it and Carl Ruiz Ruzing Shirt is thankfully more open-minded than a lot of you. Nobody is forced to watch OR comment. Notice the demographic of the people with problems for this show.

The homophobia is vile so no wonder we need Pride. What a boring and close-minded life these people must lead. I would guess most of them are pro-Brexit too. Panto dames, lily savage, men playing women because women were banned from performing years ago. Yet people will get angry about this.


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