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Science discovered that the Cat Bite people hail satan shirt emotional center of cats was located in the same region of the brain as humans, and proportionally the same size. They are emotionally as aware as you are. Cats are amazing! We moved about 4 miles from the place we had lived, through the forest to a new camp but were unable to find our cat and her newly born kittens on moving day. We were worried about leaving her behind with her little family. Dad kept going back each day to try and find her to no avail. Sometime later, maybe a week or so, she arrived at our new place carrying one of her kittens. She gradually brought each one over. And she had never been to this new place before! We could never understand how she would have to know which direction to come looking through the forest. About 25 years ago, our female calico cat did the same after my mom gave her away to a friend, 17 miles away. She came back a few months later. When I said her named she meowed and quickly came to me. She was in rough shape. I gave hell to my mom and I made her swore to never give her away again….In the U.S. there is documentation of a cat making it from San Diego to San Francisco.

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The Cat Bite people hail satan shirt owners moved south, the cat got out and a month later showed up at its old house. Yes not so long ago tried to adopt a cat who needed a new home. He had been at a vet hospital half an hour away by car from my town for two weeks. Brought him here, kept inside for three weeks.

Allowed him outside finally and he ran away to the original owner who surrendered him who turned out to be three kilometers away from my house. Amazing creatures. This is amazing but a cat in my village traveled almost 80miles back after the owners moved away. Probably more astonishingly, it would have had to have crossed the river Thames along its journey to return.


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