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Horrible. Such actions cannot be Cat Daddy retro shirt tolerated at all. His sentence must be harsh and he should never be let out of prison. Whether someone is a Muslim, Christian or Hindu shouldn’t be someone else’s concern. Learn to be a human first. I strongly condemn this act of terrorism. Shocking and terrible but are we not usually cautioned against rushing to infer apparent motives to a perpetrator when the police, by their own admission, don’t know anything about the alleged attacker at all.Welcome to the west that can’t accept other people to live I guess they aren’t really that open-minded as they claim reading the comments and it saddens me that people are using semantics to try and deflect from this heinous attack. It doesn’t matter which race the perpetrator belongs to or which race the victims belonged to. They are human beings.
Terrorism works both ways whether it’s committed Black against White or White against Black. If it was a premeditated act to kill 5 members of the same family based on race it is an act of Terror. Fact
RiP to the victims and my thoughts are with the little. the boy who has tragically lost his whole family.

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