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My life is Celebrate diversity colorful fishes shirt nearly impossible with current showerhead rules. That’s all I ever think about. The world is watching to see how we handle such a challenge. He needs to get a twenty-first-century big boy haircut. He looks ridiculous! I heard the segment on WATO; in a statement regarding regulation including water/bathroom fittings, he made a clearly self-deprecating comment about his hair. Nothing more. It wouldn’t be news unless everything he says is torn apart before he finishes speaking – no, I’m not a Trump supporter, I think he’s way out of his depth, but the level of hate he attracts is scary. He is a very sad specimen for a human being but since he is taking down the good along with his descent into a hell I will forward this!

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Celebrate diversity colorful fishes Hoodie
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I’m not Celebrate diversity colorful fishes shirt judging people who would be concerned over their hair, but I think it’s quite funny that so many trump supporters see him as a traditionally masculine man…and here he is, a man in his 70s fussing that his hair must be perfect. This is a joke….really, so because the showerhead is of an inconvenience. I bet an executive order may ensue. It’s all about Trump, I am convinced that attention was lacking during childhood. Give whoever chose this image to go with this story a raise, please. I’m going to remember everyone who didn’t laugh at this walking turd-sole. They all should get Shitler tattooed on their foreheads so they’re remembered till they leave. There’s nothing worse than a low-pressure shower…but surely there are more important things to be focusing on at the minute. Mate that hair is something else. He should’ve waited until hair transplants got better or started taking finasteride earlier.


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