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Yes, but those men had dignity, class, and Celtics Tommy shirt grace. I’m afraid Donald Trump has none of those qualities. All decent men. Running a respectful campaign. Not the insulting, paranoid, and psychotic campaign and staff we saw right now. Disgrace. all of these were broadcast on 20 Dec after the college came in not a month before it stops trying to lie, people, we are not stupid it called on 20 Dec ok. Regardless of all the political and ideological differences, these previous Presidents/administrations/candidates were honorable and decent Americans. When it was time to exit, they did without public tantrums. That’s how a democracy works! The current administration is inspired by all the dictators so expecting them to keep up with American values and traditions is useless. Everything they have touched has been tainted by incompetence, falsehood, nepotism, and greed. Just want all this official asap so that we could move on from this nonsensical tantrum from this outgoing administration. Trump does not respect anyone but himself. When Biden gets in admit defeat. He might even buy you a new set of golf clubs. Wimp.Donald Trump for being elected President of the United States for the second time! This man is the only motivation in my life. Whenever I get depressed,

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I just think of this guy – if such a goat-crazy person could be president of America, then something could happen to Celtics Tommy shirt me! In my opinion, Whatever happens, fraudulent votes mean a state can’t be trusted so before January supreme Court will throw it out and have a revote, How it works each state will have one vote per one state. Trump as 30 states Biden as 19. Trump wins.

Also, the 12 amendments won’t allow cross-party voting by law… you can’t have fraudulent votes going around. American laws and democracy are at risk. Law will provide over media sites. Trump’s going nowhere. What a contrast to what we have now. Dignity and respect for the process and the office of the Presidency. Please move aside and for god’s sake stop tweeting.


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