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The brilliance of Manchester City is the Champion Conservative shirt biggest compliment to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side. Imagine being as close as a point to this City side. Brilliant Man City, you are the trustworthy champions again..and thank you for keeping the premier league crown at City of ManchesterWell done City. Liverpool threw the league away when having the 3 draws against beatable teams after Xmas. But the City at the end of the day played some lovely football and won every game since Xmas, so well done.3rd highest total of points in the Premier League history and came 2nd, great effort but a city are a machine. Dubai city another league trophy won. Hopefully, you could buy fans to fill the Etihad for next season. Liverpool won’t win the champion league. .This season will end without a trophy.

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Considering Liverpool were up 9 at one point with around 10 games to Champion Conservative shirt go, I count this as wetting the bed for them to not win this year, on par with Gerrard slipping. Liverpool and man city were both awesome this season, hope for more seasons in the prem like this to look forward to. to tough man city but we couldn’t have done much more..and then I saw the other Manchester team lost to Cardiff. Yeah with all the money that they throw around for players like they brought the trophy. These days it’s who has the most money.

But anyway glad that Liverpool will beat them to the champions league trophy. Well ahead of City and let them come up close and pass them. Once that happened I’m sorry but we just continually won. 14 games in a row and job done. Good result glad the other side of Trafford wished us welĺ for once hey we will do it again next year! A world away from nonleague where it’s 8 pounds to get in real beer and a nice old grounds to visit.and decent banter good luck to man city and my Hertford town FC as we stayed up way down here in the Bostick league.


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