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t was the Director of the Charlie Brown Snoopy Star Trek shirt facility where I worked. This guy was very bright but a bit calculating. He had my supervisor come to me and propose that I spend some of my work hours at another location, assisting a social worker there with her work. I knew the other social worker and liked her, so I agreed to help her with some of her work. The arrangement started with me spending every other Monday there, which after a few months increased to every Monday.

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At some point, I spoke to the Charlie Brown Snoopy Star Trek shirt another social worker about my own workload increasing at my job and we agreed I could skip coming to her location the next Monday. This is where the situation got interesting. Showing up at my work location on Monday caused concern from my supervisor, who asked, “Bob, what are you doing here? That is when the real reason for my going to the other facility became known to me: My facility needed to reduce payroll, and instead of reducing my total hours the decision was made with the other facility that some of my work hours would be moved to their budget. The other worker could use my help, but the primary purpose was to reduce my cost to my facility. Thus, appearing at my workplace instead of the other place was messing up the plan. I describe spending as the transfer of ownership of money from one person or entity to another for a purpose. I have described income as the complement of spending, that is, the spender transfers ownership of money to the recipient who gains that money as income. This means that spending and income are always equal.


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