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For God’s sake, folks are happy for them. Chicago Bears one nation under God shirt A child was born from an embryo that if not used would certainly be thrown away. Every birth is a miracle and this one is a little bit more so. I wish them all the best and hope they will enjoy long and happy family life. It’s not up to anyone else to criticize this couple, it’s thier life and their little miracle. So if life begins at conception… Was she issued her driver’s license, voter registration, pack of smokes, and fifth of gin before she left the hospital? Oh my goodness I didn’t even realize this was a possibility. What a selfless gift to give to a couple desperate for a child. Beautiful. so probably the biological parents could be long dead, and yeah I know it doesn’t matter, but someday this kid will hear about her birth and wonder about her past. Even I, as a scientist, stand amazed! I know how they have done everything; all the technical details, but the outcome is nothing short of mesmerizing and beautiful. Best wishes.1 of my children was from a frozen embryo but only 5 yrs later. The amazing thing is that he is the double of his sister that was born 5 yrs earlier from the same as they call them to tube.. amazing that’s all I say amazing.

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This has inspired me, my whole family is reading it and Chicago Bears one nation under God shirt they’re inspired too, we’ve even booked the first flight out of the country tomorrow, just to celebrate this inspiration. When we interfere with nature then we should be ready for consequences. This innocent girl has nothing to do with this. May Allah give her the best health. So all this talk about age. I saw someone say age begins at conception, but it actually starts the day you are born which means we are all about 9 months older than our listed age.

This situation is not unusual apart from the age of the embryo. When couples undergo IVF treatment the woman is given injections to stimulate ovulation & eggs are extracted from the ovaries. Many women undergoing IVF have reduced viable eggs. The eggs are fertilized & usually, 2 are put into the uterus ( why we have so many twins) some women have lots of eggs so lots of embryos are created.


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