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My children are grown and busy so I almost never call. I wait for them to call me because that’s when they’re free and Chicago Tim Anderson Igniter shirt to chat. Texts are quick, only a tiny bite out of their day but it tells them their mother is thinking of them. Why wasn’t more smoke/smoke screening used during WWII D-Day Normandy to shield exposed troops from being shot up as they went onto the beaches? Because the part where the Allied soldiers were getting shot to pieces WASN’T supposed to happen.

If anything, the bombers were supposed to destroy the bunkers holding the machine gunners on Normandy beach. But the bombers missed and the Allied troops landing on Normandy were torn to pieces. So it was assumed that the bombers would make mincemeat of the bunkers and that the Allied troops were going to make it with fewer deaths on the shores, compared to what happened. But regardless of what historical and military questions you want to be answered, please stay safe and calm and remember…

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My ex-husband is one of the sweetest most Chicago Tim Anderson Igniter shirt people I know. He was always ready and willing to lend a hand or share a kind word. He is former military special forces but is definitely not a boisterous “he-man” type. About two years after we were married (we dated 3 years before that) we were in downtown Denver one evening on date night. We were walking on the 16th street mall after dinner when a man and woman started arguing a little way up the mall in front of us.



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