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This tradition dates back to prehispanic times. It is a diferent way to Chingon Como mi abuelo shirt remember our beloved ones who have died. Coco and Spectre have spread this beautiful celebration around the world but it is much more than that. Come to Mexico for these celebrations and visit Mixquic, Tlaxcala, Michoacàn, Oaxaca, Puebla… Go and visit the Graveyards, especially at night; they’re beautifully decorated . Tradition, culture, and the most beautiful place, this celebration is wonderful you visit Janitzio the cemeteries a big spectacle, that experience is unique. Yeah the parade was taken from the James Bond movie but the celebration itself has been done many many years ago… You can go to Michoacan and visit the cemeteries… They are real people passing the night in the grave of the beloved one . It’s not a day of the living dead! On Nov 1 and 2 we celebrate the lives of those that have died, prepare their favorite food and drink and accompany them in the cemetery with music and food. I grew up in Morelia Michoacan Mexico where this tradition is big. I remember every single year my mom and relatives visiting the graves of our loved ones and cleaning their graves and putting fresh orange flowers. In my case, we would visit my dead grandfather. I never met him but I would hear my mom and relatives talk about him and praying while cleaning his grave.

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The commentary would be so full of people around this time and Chingon Como mi abuelo shirt flowers everywhere. It was beautiful. Last year’s pictures I imagine? I think that the official celebration is on the 2nd of November, beginning on the 31st of October instead of the “creepy” and meaningless Halloween stuff. Dia de Los Muertos has a deeper significance, I prefer it without a shred of a doubt.

It’s more about celebrating our dear ones’ lives, now that they’re not with us. It’s a tradition that we have celebrated since centuries ago but now it’s more visible at the international level thanks to movies like Coco and the media. You can experience Dia de Los Muertos in the US as well. There are festivals from San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego. Anywhere with a strong Hispanic population will likely have them.


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