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Whether it was the Christ Privilege no man can close doors God has opened for me shirt biggest factor or not, having a fully grown man put all his body weight on his neck for upwards of 8 minutes definitely helped cause his death, and I dont care if he had enough heroin in his system to kill an elephant, thats totally indefensible.”You know, if he hadn’t had so many other health issues – he could’ve lasted much longer before succumbing to the pressure of the noose. Really, his death should be considered ‘undetermined’ versus ‘death by hanging’.”Would George Floyd have died that night from his heart issues or the drugs he had in his system had he not had his airway cut off by the police officer? If the answer (as I suspect) is no or highly unlikely, then it’s obvious the police officer is responsible for his death.

Christ Privilege no man can close doors God has opened for me a shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Christ Privilege no man can close doors God has opened for me hoodie
Christ Privilege no man can close doors God has opened for me ladies-tee
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So basically Black people should not have heart diseases or drink, just in case they ever get a knee on their necks and die more quickly than a healthy person. So being choked is now a health hazard that aggravated his death because he had co-morbidities. It’s like saying racism is natural like covid. Wow! Of course, he just threw everything out there as a cause EXCEPT the freaking 9 minutes 29 seconds the defendant was suffocating him. I’m hopeful the jury doesn’t fall for it. Unless Chauvin gets life without parole then America will fall. Many black people have been killed at the hands of white police officers since Floyd’s death and a not guilty verdict will send out a message that this is acceptable and will continue to happen.BBC

Just remember this all happened in the USA! The simple solution doesn’t resist when told you being arrested. The police there have lost many officers due to felons using force and weapons so they don’t take any chances. If you have underlying health/drug problems the additional stress caused by resisting won’t help your situation. Since its drugs and heart problem that killed, kindly give us an opportunity bring that police officer, allow us to put our knee on his neck the same way he put on George with the same number of minutes, if he won’t die then we ll accept that nonsense u are saying en claiming what killed him. Here’s what I think most people don’t get – it doesn’t matter. George Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. Doesn’t really matter why. George Floyd needed medical assistance – also doesn’t really matter why. By restraining someone in need of medical assistance and preventing them from seeking treatment, you are effectively committing manslaughter. It doesn’t matter if it’s an asthmatic reaching for their inhaler or a diabetic needing insulin, or an addict potentially needing access to Narcan. Restraining someone during a medical emergency in a way that prevents them from being treated is manslaughter. There is always the possibility that more than one person or factor was a part of the Christ Privilege cause. The cop was wrong. The person being arrested didn’t cooperate. He didn’t deserve to die. Anyone involved could have prevented it. This fits a lot of these stories. we can actually prove whether the forensic pathologist is right. let the accused, Mr. Chauvin kneel on the pathologists’ neck for 7 minutes, and since we assume the doctor has no heart problems, neither do drugs. we expect him not to die since other factors won’t contribute He pressed his neck on the ground for 9 minutes just imagine. Even a healthy person will not stand such torture. Whether his health was not in good condition the cop is to Christ Privilege blame.


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