Coffee cats & Yoga mats shirt


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Sandra Willis, I like  Coffee cats & Yoga mats shirt Susan Rice as VP and Kamala as AG, but Tammy seems like a great option as well. Although to be President isn’t it that you have to be born in the US not just naturalized? So how would that work if say um, Joe wasn’t able to continue? Therefore all VPNs have to be native-born as well?? Robert Mac, It’s interesting that there seems to be a group of people to choose from, so Why don’t they make a small committee of the candidates to help deal with things instead of picking just one out of the group they have, Just because you might pick just 1 V.P.

Coffee cats & Yoga mats shirt, Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank top

Coffee & cats Yoga mats shirt
Coffee & cats Yoga mats shirt
Coffee & cats Yoga mats shirt
tank top
Coffee & cats Yoga mats shirt
v-neck t-shirt

does that mean the Coffee, cats & Yoga mats shirt others don’t have any good ideas or things to say??? Or those same people can’t be the voice of the people as well??? For some reason, it is only that one choice for V.P. that represents ALL of a Country???? I find it interesting that a Gov’t will make a Committee of people that aren’t Starving or Homeless, to decide and tell you about what it’s like to be Starving and Homeless???? Jedediah Adrian, She has done a horrible job for Illinois and we appreciate her service to this country but she has not shown me anything that has changed me.BBC

mindGreig Isles so aside from all the minority tickboxes; what are here actual politics? Is she decent or just another reprehensible corporate Democrat shill? Beth Rudinger A number of more qualified candidates are also in the running. I hope it’s the best choice, whoever Biden chooses. Kathy Sobczyk, So you want people to vote for her and Uncle Joe because she is Thai-American and a veteran? What are her views on the issues? Valerie Irvine Shealer I don’t care what her bona fides are she’s the first freaking hero having fought in a war. Let’s forget her race and everything else


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