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I put mine in the Coffee then cattle shirt wormery for worm tea which I use as plant fertilizer and then use the soil it produces to grow my own veg. Great idea, I hope this guy makes a pile of money. This is an innovative way to cut down on our use of plastics. If they were available where I live, I would buy them. Great initiative. If only more people would think like this rather than just whinging about the plastic problem. This is how climate change protester is supposed to be. If you can see the problem, you can solve the problem. A picket sign is just more junk for a landfill. The problem with things like this is the price. Until the price comes down, the masses will not opt for an environmentally friendly option. I frequently help myself to a carrier bag full from my local Waitrose coffee bar, it goes straight onto my flower beds. There’s no end of solutions out there – many of them from young people like him, but the major polluters stifle them because they want to make sure there’s enough profit for them. I dry it and use it for traction on the sidewalk and driveway when it snows.

Coffee then cattle shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

Coffee then cattle hoodie
Coffee then cattle ladies-tee
Coffee then cattle sweater
Coffee then cattle v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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We’ve also used it for Coffee then cattle shirt melt ice dams on the roof – it doesn’t take much sun to warm it. It’s biodegradable, we use a LOT less salt now! Coffee grounds also make great compose. And my Dad told me when you’re smelling perfumes to get rid of the scent so you can smell other perfumes use coffee beans.

Great idea, shame they’re so expensive, especially when he’s getting some of the coffee grounds for free! But if People buying them, they may throw the old one, which may be made of plastic, out I the garbage can. So what’s the point? Collect the old ones, and make new ones. That spare nature from more plastic. Not new products, coffee or not.


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