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My cat becomes very noisy at bedtime. Loud urgent screeching. Cole and Marmalade cat shirt Im going around putting off lights, switching things off, doing my teeth, etc, and all the while she’s being very vocal and trotting between me and the bedroom door. It’s not until I get into bed that she quietens down and curls into a little ball next to my head. I think she’s saying; “For goodness sake human, hurry up and come snuggle with me. It’s late, im tired and you’re keeping me up”If the app can translate that then it’s a winner. I already speak fluent cat. I always know exactly what they are saying verbal and bodily language. Just like spend enough time around them, you learn to understand.  They usually meow when they want attention from me.  My cat calls my daughter referee and says hello. Her other meow is probably saying feed me now, yuck, not Felix, pee off I am not eating. As each cat has a unique language for each person, this will be highly unreliable. Of course, most cat owners won’t need it. They know their pets well enough to understand either way. Anybody who spends a few days living with a cat will tell you that the cat going to teach you whatever you need to know about how he feels and what he needs from you without you having to resort to an app to help you.

Cole and Marmalade cat shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

Cole and Marmalade cat hoodie
Cole and Marmalade cat ladies-tee
Cole and Marmalade cat sweater
Cole and Marmalade cat v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Best Cole and Marmalade cat shirt

Whiskas, it’s Sheba or nothing.. u bought Sheba beef. Cole and Marmalade cat shirt I wanted chicken…no I won’t come in even tho it’s piddling down, chase me around the garden as much as u like… What a amazing news that I can’t wait to try it on my cat. I hope through this app, I can finally understand the reason why she was so willful and unruly.
I will then eat it and jump back over the wall come home, straight in the house meowing for my dreamies… I will then curl up on my cushion high up on the cupboard meowing down and pawing any dreamies I didn’t eat cos I was so full I was going to blow up down at the dog when she walks past just to pee her off.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.