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I can’t fathom the Colorado professional sports Teams shirt selfishness of these comments already. Yes, this is inconvenient and depressing, but it’s to save lives and take the pressure off the NHS. Have some empathy for those who have lost their lives and the families they have left behind. Yesterday Boris Johnson said there was “no doubt in my mind that schools are safe”.So thousands of children and teachers mixed before returning to their families today and hearing that we will all be locked down. If people were behaving responsibly, and using their common sense from the beginning of the pandemic.. we could have prevented this.. but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.. we can’t afford to be selfish anymore .we need this lockdown till the vaccine has been given out to enough people only then can we start to have some normality back…..please stay home people so we can have some normality back by spring only reason we are back here is that alot of people haven’t been following the rules from day one .Im was sorry for you all. But it won’t stop you all coming into supermarkets with the whole family. Have a thought for us.

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We can’t social distance for you. Colorado professional sports Teams shirt So please have a thought for us. Some of us are vulnerable but cannot shield ourselves. For goodness sake. He doing the right thing. He still says the school is safe but teachers’ unions were telling staff not to go. So it carnt work without teachers. The staff more at risk than the children. Don’t blame him for doing this it had to be done as still people not being careful.

PLEASE give us uni students some support, our uni’s claim that we should be unaffected when that clearly isn’t the case. Force them to do something! I don’t see why anyone can be surprised at this. IF everyone had followed the rules, then it wouldn’t have been needed, but so many selfish people really have no intention of even trying to save lives and jobs. I’m deeply relieved that lockdown is back. Well done, Boris.


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