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A republican candidate publicly tells his supporters not to Congrats Joe Biden 46th President shirt use the mail-in ballot because of its fraud, his democratic counterpart does the opposite, now he is shocked and can’t believe that the majority of mail votes are for the counterpart. What you say also has consequences especially if you are the leader of the free world. Cheaters always think everyone cheats their way to victory. Y’all need to accept reality, calm down, and move on. We know it’s hard but do yourselves a favor and take time working on yourselves than trying so hard to project your frustration. It’s fairly common for absentee and postal votes to flip marginal electorates here in Australia and we don’t make a fuss about it. Every vote counts. Donald and the Trumpettes need to stop clutching at straws and start acting with dignity and respect.

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However, I imagine Trump is fearful of pending lawsuits, bankruptcy, and Congrats Joe Biden 46th President shirt people realizing how much a con artist he is when he gets prised out of the White House. The Trump administration in the past 2 days has abruptly dumped the leaders of 3 agencies that oversee the nuclear weapons stockpile, electricity and natural gas regulation, and overseas aid. This should raise LOTS of questions and concerns, especially since Donald Trump is losing the election!!!

Time to reinstate the dozens of environmental protections that have been trashed over the last four years. So much rebuilding to do. Wishing Mr. Biden all the very best. Whoever controls mainstream media has won but not for long I was told as a kid don’t believe everything u hear. Biden’s messages were very touching and encouraging as well. He looks more like a unifier than the contrary. “He said the purpose of our politics is not to wakened conflicts but help solves problems” we can be opponents but we’re not foes! we’re Americans… That’s beautiful and truly inspiring.


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