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Can we export some babies from Conley Surname Irish Last Name Irelan Classic Shirt India to Singapore??? It will be cheaper for Singapore, than encouraging its citizens to have their own. That’s madness, after seeing what covid has done to families can someone dare to have kids. If I was looking for the cost of giving birth I would be having many kids but the cost of raising Even a single child is really high. Some young Singaporean already want to move out, but G has enough FT… not even a problemNot enough given our sky-high costs of living and raising children

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This world is overpopulated!! Why are all of the world’s governments still encouraging this stuff? It makes absolutely no practical sense if we want to continue to survive on this planet raising a child in Singapore is several times more expensive than just giving birth. Just go to the Philippines and adopt some babies, even kids well into their teens. The government for sure doesn’t care about family planning. If this bonus were to be given in my country (Nigeria), then our population would be more than that of China in just a year, because we are not lazy to serious matters like that one. Blame the lowest birth rate in the world… to whoever introduced the ‘ boy or girl, two is enough’ and the tough penalties for those having more than 2 children..

There is always a reason for encouraging the human race to grow and survive. There just has to be a way to manage the population, and it’s not always through artificial means. One is to keep the level of corruption in a society down. with the way things are in this world I discourage young people from having children…things are going to get much much worse, this is no place for children! How are the job market and their economy? I know few countries that like to ship a portion of their population. And no… I am not talking about… China and India. A good way to balance population, or right to say, real family planning. Keep family structure strong enough to balance population biggest factor in climate chaos is overpopulation.

Nowhere should be offering incentives to Conley Surname Irish Last Name Irelan Classic Shirt create an even higher population. how can countries moan cause there are not enough babies being born, there have been 107 million little brats born this year so far worldwide people think twice to be pregnant because of the high risk. If pandemic has been fade away if not how bad the women to face into irresponsible from a global perspective. Should be limited to 2 per couple and if they remarry someone else and already have 2 then they can’t have anymore. See David Attenborough on the overpopulation of the world and also wonder why covid has spread as it has. Why don’t they adopt from countries that have too many babies? Why do we need to keep making more people and increasing the damage we cause to the earth? Surely if people want babies they would have them..the fact they are being paid to do so makes you wonder if they really wanted a child in the first place and aren’t even maternal Maybe governments just want people numbers to increase so they can offer cheap labor to companies and get profit for themselves… sad to hear this from such a nice country as Singapore…so the world as a whole is overpopulated and destroying the planet so some wisecrack wants to increase it even more? They should be opening their arms to refugees, they’ll be happy to come where they’re welcome, do the jobs the locals don’t want, and help repopulate the country


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