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So irresponsible from a Conroy Irish Last Name Hoodie Sweatshirt shirt global perspective. Should be limited to 2 per couple and if they remarry someone else and already have 2 then they can’t have anymore. See David Attenborough on the overpopulation of the world and also wonder why covid has spread as it has. Why don’t they adopt from countries that have too many babies? Why do we need to keep making more people and increasing the damage we cause to the earth? A low birth rate should be celebrated.

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Conroy Irish Last Name Hooded Sweatshirt hoodie
Conroy Irish Last Name Hooded Sweatshirt ladies-tee
Conroy Irish Last Name Hooded Sweatshirt
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The single, most effective way to save the planet is for there to be fewer humans on it. Surely if people want babies they would have them..the fact they are being paid to do so makes you wonder if they really wanted a child in the first place and aren’t even maternal They should be opening their arms to refugees, they’ll be happy to come where they’re welcome, do the jobs the locals don’t want and help repopulate the country is good that people carefully planned before having kids. Birth control is important for the poor countries which have high birth rate. Born poor is not fun for a kid.

Parents should be aware of this. Housing so expensive, and it is only 99 years lease. And you expect people to give birth ? Singapore Government is not stupid, they only like the babies with prestigious backgrounds and the parents will high education. Wow! Haven’t they seen the Conroy Irish Last Name Hoodie Sweatshirt shirt news? We’re overpopulated. Adopt from other countries, like the USA. I love that the baby in the example pic is giving the nurse the side-eye…So they only paying people who already gave birth before (PARENTS)? What about couples who don’t have kids? No one in the right mind would bring a child into this world these days would be better if they took in refugee families instead…the world is full of displaced desperate families. Irresponsible the world is already well overpopulated 2 kids are more than enough, 3 at most!!! All these stupid perks will not attract higher birthrates. This is the only wayang with stupid incentives.,

The only way to promote birthrates is to give FREE MEDICAL & Education & child care for the first 10 years plus an initial sum of 5K for each birth. THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN TO SPEND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO SUPPORT FOREIGN STUDENTS. Those who agree to this suggestion should give a LIKE. You can take in some of the millions of orphans and give them a family I am sure that’s a much better way of populating your country than to bring more life into the world which is already overpopulated Singapore gov. Should be here in the Philippines. Babies are in mass production. I would rather think of taking a vacation to that country to bear more children than staying in this trump’s moronic country which sometimes its president says virus-like covid 19 isn’t real and when he got it he went to the hospital as fast as he can! What a poor-minded American presidential contestant! The world is overpopulated and governments are promoting having more kids, how intelligent, not!!! The planet does t need more population. The climate changes and the loss of wilderness are because the world has an excess population. People are well educated in those countries. It’s a really big responsibility to have a child. According to a 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 is $233,610. You can buy a house with that kind of money.

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