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So Betsy De Vos just Contractor Gift Woodworking shirt bought a pardon for her brother and the Blackwater murderers! Feeling so sad for the victims of the Blackstone massacre!The pardoning of these murderers of women and children is beyond comprehension. Clearly the connection with Betsy Devos and her brother Erik Prince the Blackwater founder had a lot to do with it. Prince will be happy to put them to work again in Iraq with his new Chinese financed company FSG.The abilities of the office of the presidency need to be changed. Too much power for a person. Look what happens when that person is a crazy man.The founding fathers never envisioned a sociopath as president.

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The power to pardon was to be used judiciously to aid in righting wrongs and insuring justice. This is despicable!!!As an American that served my country this is beyond reprehensible. This is a slap in the face to all those that served honorably and it is yet another stain this country has left on this world. Truly sorry for the state of our country.It is ridiculous anyone is given power to pardon criminals, even more ridiculous that a president uses that power willingly to condone killing of civilians.From the beginning Don the Con has been surrounded by people like himself, a bunch of criminals and felons well trained to agree with him on everything. Now he’s giving them presidential pardons. Nobody can say Trump is ungrateful.

..When I read one of the pardoned guys had to be stopped at gunpoint as he appeared to be in a Contractor Gift Woodworking shirt killing frenzy !! And on the other hand Trump has ordered more death row killings than any other POTUS. One was an 18 year old. Do you remember how immature you were at 18? Sad.We’ve become one of the worst countries in the world right now I am so embarrassedThis is what you get when a country lead by an insane man..telling other countries what they are doing wrong…This was trump earning a huge favor from a major political donor. Eric Prince, whose sister is Betsy Devos, is the owner of Blackwater. By making this pardon, they owe trump. This was a political gain for trump.he could have pardoned assange and snowden but he is pardoning his criminal friendsAnd you wonder why the rest of the world hates the American military machine…

Shame on us for having a president who compounded the grief experienced by those Iraqi families. We had no business being there in the first place.It’s the most appalling thing Trump has done so far. He is the worst law and order president America has yet had in modern times.Holding my head in shame as an American for such dastardly, disgraceful acts; praying for forgiveness. May those who have suffered be comforted in your loss.Pardoning this group of evil doers is going to stir up a hornets nest of anti-American,another example of how this madman has made us more unsafe.One of the only positives many anti Trump protestors like me felt towards the President was his strong opposition to that unjustified war before he was elected. Now he seems to be totally apathetic about it. I’m sure this decision has nothing to do with his bitter feelings towards the UN and his impending exit out of office.It is clear in these comments people dont understand the circumstances surrounding this… These men were tried three times before the DOJ railroaded a conviction, these deserve to be free.Keep in mind all Presidents pardon at end of term, and he is considerably lower then past several Presidents..


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