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Who takes their COVID-19 advice from a Cook chef frequency TV chef? Forget it. Answered my own question. Same people that would vote a reality TV star to the presidency. I thought there was a shortage of doctors and nurses in this country but I’ve found you all on here! Smashing. I wonder if he enjoys people who are not trained telling him how to cook and that he is doing it wrong. There is nothing wrong with questioning the safety of the vaccine that is what freedom of speech is all about.

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Man, it’s like you can’t even reliably shout crazy dangerous disinformation on a company’s private platform without the risk of them tossing you for violating their terms of service! Not condoning wot he or others say but if governments had been a bit more honest in the first place about all of Cook chef frequency this ppl like him n David Icke etc wouldn’t all be spouting off n wearing their foil hats etc well not as much any way Surely folk can make up their own minds any sensible person would discuss with their own trusted Dr – who they trust for other in things medically in their life – and go with that. Our family GP trusts the vaccine and my son has had it and I am waiting for mine .

We are not sheep – it’s our personal choice following personal discussions with the Cook chef frequency Shirt GP who has looked after our family’s health for decades. I would never take advice from someone I don’t know or trust  – can’t believe folk does individuals must do what they think is right for themselves . There shd be a limit to freedom of speech. Celebrities are now taking the rest of humanity for granted. A chef is now a virologist and a public health expert. Such nonsense!!! Many would rather take medical advice from a cook than from the majority of scientists and doctors, that’s the issue, how can we turn that around. Freedom of speech… how many people have died due to misinformation? I agree with taking down people who put phases out there. Is this guy allowed to say bonkers things? Yes.
Is this guy owed by law any platform to spout his bonkers nonsense?

No. If Facebook http://Facebook.comthinks this is damaging to their brand or even society in general, they don’t have to allow it. It’s as simple as that. As a Chef, he knows the ingredients in meals he prepares, & has to state what ingredients are used, in case of allergies such as gluten, nuts, etc… ALL the Cook chef frequency asked for and what we ALL should be told is what ingredients THIS particular vaccine contains. What harm is in that? The companies producing these vaccines have insisted on a disclaimer stating they are not responsible IF anything does go wrong. What could go wrong? This is when I started looking & reading a bit further, during the first lockdown, you know the one they said would clear this around 11 months ago. People you need to think this through, this will be the biggest vaccine experiment carried out EVER on human beings..So many people talking about freedom of speech, expressing views, etc. There is a difference between having an opinion and facts. There is still not a single credible study that associates the mass crap stated in these theories about the danger of vaccines. He’s been taken off Instagram too thank goodness. He’s a nutter anti-vaxxer with dangerous ideas that will potentially kill people if he hasn’t already. Freedom of speech can’t cause harm. Great gullible members of society are finally being protected from these people.


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