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who decides if it is a Cook Just A Girl Who Loves Cooking Chef shirt conspiracy theory……remember science told pregnant women to drink and smoke…..asbestos was excellent honestly if you’re listening to a celebrity chef instead of scientists and doctors about a virus it says very little for you your intelligence. Humanity will be in a better place when we start to follow doctors and real scientists and STOP listening to celebrities and athletes. That dude is probably great at cooking, THAT’S IT! He should stick with cooking perhaps, as he obviously has no clue about much outside a kitchen. Good. Fewer ignorance peddlers twist the minds of the already desperate to feel special.All.for freedom of speech as long as it is truth.

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The big problem is some listen to these conspiracies which have no truth. You got it with people who deny the holocaust and so forth. Why are the people moaning about free speech being curtailed always doing it in the context of stories where the ‘victims’ are sharing conspiracy theories, anti-science, or bigoted views? What do you really want to say that you’re ‘not allowed to? Freedom of Speech was meant to make sure Truth was told. Not to Spread harmful false information that causes chaos hatred death. If you cant see the difference your part of the Problem. It’s so simple I just dont get it. The outcry that this news has provoked proves 1 thing. Too many people rely on ONE SOCIAL PLATFORM, a business model for connecting people and businesses, for ALL their news … and subsequent opinions on EVERYTHING. That my friends are far more frightening!

Theories, opinions, facts, views… WHATEVER IT IS…. he should rightfully get to express how he feels on his own Facebook as the majority of the sh*t you share BBC is utter lies…. yet you still get to spread it! An experimental vaccine that will cause damage in the long run and we can’t question the elite? Once it’s in your body you can’t take it back. Who knows what it will cause those who want it should have it and those that don’t should be allowed to make the choice..propaganda mainstream media does one really go totally mad, have delusions about themselves, once becoming a celebrity. We saw this with Donald after The Apprentice. It’s only a theory if not true you choose to listen or not listen he has freedom of speech as long as he’s not harming anyone physically …. we listen to the MSM garbage daily are they taken off social media? They lie continuously think Jimmy Saville is proof on that one … so ok for some not for others there is a government conspiracy to stop you from getting to the other side of the motorway. They know that the sheep will do as they are told, it’s all about control.

What they don’t tell you is that with the improvement in car braking systems, it is now perfectly fine to walk across the motorway. Don’t let the 6-8 lanes of vehicles traveling at 60+ miles an hour put you off, they will easily avoid you.
Dont listen to the controlling government, you are free to make up your own mind, look at the evidence. Disgusting when people can not have their opinion. I agree with this man and he is entitled to think what he wants to think. It’s his life he is not forcing you to do anything. He was selling a covid “cure” on his website without any evidence or science to back up his claims. That’s misleading and deceptive conduct plain and simple. It’s illegal to do this under Australian and UK laws. He’s exactly like the dodgy character in the Contagion movie. He’s trying to make a quick buck by selling a dodgy cure to profit off a pandemic and putting everyone’s health at risk in doing so. He deserves more than a social media ban


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