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They go to unsuitable homes and end up in rescue shelters. Get a lovable healthy crossbreed from a shelter. We raised Corgi’s and have loved them for years, My wife and friends got me my present female Corgi ( MEGGIE) as a gift before she passed away 6vyears ago. What a comfort she has been and travels with me pretty well everywhere. Love her companionship. Great dog, friendly loves children, and adults. They are such fun dogs with stubborn personalities! Ours passed a year ago at a  ripe old age of 15. When my heart is ready for Corgi you are my sunshine shirt another dog I am sure it will be another corgi. I had a very loved Pembroke Corgi for 17 years. Though it’s worth noting whilst very playful and affectionate within the family

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Best  Corgi you are my sunshine shirt

Boy, can they shed though! We have 3 Corgis great pets loyal faithful and loving .no ailments or aggression have their tails too. I love the breed and recommend it as a family pet all day every day.ab intelligent. love the idea for cafes that promote adoption. I would like to open one for hound breed dogs. My two hounds are loyal and sweet. So many hounds do not have a  home and end up in shelters. There was a very nice lady in Ocean Grove when I was a kid that had corgis that hated me. I never could get on the good side of Corgi you are my sunshine shirt that dog. Unfortunately, I could see people offering treats/food I wonder if they have structured meal times or just get fed in the cafe where there is no control over what they are eating?


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.