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So apparently, getting the Corona Virus Cov-2 2020 Survivor shirt hell outta Dodge isn’t the answer. Might as well hunker down and wait it out. Millions of people travel by air, it’s the safest way to travel on this planet and that’s a fact. Might be because the figure includes Iran shooting a SAM at an airliner and killing 176 people. Take that away and the year was actually far safer for aviation. Oh, FFS bbc stop scaring people! Why dont you put these deaths as a percentage of the number of people carried on aircraft last year? Erm because it’s not news! 176 people died as their plane was shot down!!!! Disgraceful journalism yet again. the numbers are too low to take one year as a trend. significantly fewer accidents but more deaths. ie one plane crash has skewed the figures. There is enough doom & gloom in this world at the moment thank you we don’t need you adding to this! Seriously, we are in a total mental health crisis & articles like this are not helping. They obviously rose due to manufacturers, such as Boeing, releasing an airplane with known issues. Then, after some crashes, they ground the fleet for months, enough issues that resulted in months’ worth of re-engineering.

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Best Corona Virus Cov-2 2020 Survivor shirt

Then are put back into service, yet with more issues. Why don’t you go further and Corona Virus Cov-2 2020 Survivor shirt push people right over the edge and give out the numbers of those killed in car crashes or those that tripped over the bloody curbs! Ridiculous! I wonder if they will post how many people committed suicide suffering from depression caused by the media’s obsession with bad news stories.

Didn’t think so but then for some reason, people can accept a tiny risk while flying and driving but not while working in a school. Reduced staff pilots and maintenance? That will have an impact long term I imagine. We already know Boeing doesn’t care if their planes are defective when they sell them. They sold planes that crash themselves.


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