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And people wonder why our Prime Minister has lost some of his sparks. Coucou petite perruche shirt His determination is quite remarkable and I applaud him. Yes, it must affect people differently depends on health beforehand age and how poorly they were & recovery strength, etc & immune system !So many illnesses cause long term damage. This is why new illnesses are so scary. Because we just don’t know. And we won’t know for sure for years. I am 13 weeks in and still have fatigue, some coughing, and shortness of breath. My daughter had welts on her skin every day for 3 weeks. Last week she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance when her lips swelled and she started having difficulty breathing. The whole family has been affected but none of us have been tested as we weren’t hospitalized. There will be so many more the same.10 weeks this week, the fatigue is horrendous, my body feels sore all the time, I have no enthusiasm for anything, one day I get up and feel brilliant…I’m back to normal but then it’s back again to being exhausted. I still consider myself very lucky to be here…I will beat this. So nice to read these comments. I had it in March.

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Wasn’t in hospital but very sick at home and Coucou petite perruche shirt I have not been the same since! The fatigue is awful and I too use more inhalers than I did before. No one talks about this “side effect” but they should be. Going out to a bar or gym or anywhere isn’t worth this and so many people out and about without care or respect for people around them.

It’s dreadful and this should be talked about a lot more!!!! I have really struggled with post-viral fatigue too. Now up and about, going back to work next week, but still needing to stop and rest, I’m on week nine. Im the same seven weeks later. Nausea headaches are so so tired no energy and depression I’m, not the same person as I was before covid invaded my body. Hope you feel better soon.


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