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I have been saying this for ages. Milkmen were the ultimate green workers, my hubby used to Cowculus fxdx milk cheese shirt use a rechargeable electric cart used to deliver milk in glass bottles which all his customers used to recycle.  I hope this happens on a national level. Having endured UHT milk in cardboard boxes while living in France returning to Scotland watery milk in plastic was one step better, now our local farm has opened a machine, you fill your own glass milk bottle with fresh milk.  For people suffering from dementia, a glass milk bottle would always be a rolling pin. I can remember a lady I helped care for would be rolling out a tea towel. I gave her a plate. She proceeded to put the rolled out tea towel over the plate. This was the pastry. She told me she was making a pie for her husband when he came home from work. Probably a wonderful memory for a wonderful lady. My grandfather owned a dairy, dad was the milkman. Sold milk in the store in 1-gallon glass jars, as well as home delivery.

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BLISS real milk with cream on top, well done Black Isle dairy ! We are really lucky to Cowculus fxdx milk cheese shirt has our milk delivered in bottles that we wash and leave out … like when I was a kid. Our dairy is small and on a local farm a couple of miles away. If someone came up with the concept of delivering goods in glass bottles in electric vehicles now they would be hailed as environmental heroes!

It’s strange how we just need to go back to loose fruit and veg and glass bottles to save the planet. A great service, fresh milk, and keeping a job open. Couldn’t do without our wonderful milkman.


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