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Anita Yeates, I started with a Shetland pony and won over 100 ribbons with him, most were first place. It was sad when I outgrew my buddy. He was a champ. Donna Osborne, I love ponies, all kinds of ponies. I wish more people in the states mounted their children on ponies instead of big horses. Philippa Whitley Fantastic, love watching your adventures, and great that you helping your cousin along, True Sportsman ??Judi Hebert Nice, but let’s give a hand to Crazy shetland sheepdog lady 2020 #quarantined shirt  Smokey Joe, he did all the work, after all, <3David Wicken Good job lad. You sat on a horse that was faster than others. Good job
.Jane Sales Feisty little buggers those Shetlands. He is brilliant to do so well. Rosie Smith This was quite interesting to watch, but the BBC interviewer never asked the most important question. What does this hobby cost? it isn’t something the average child could compete in, is it?

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Adele Newton Sarah Paxman won’t be long till Boris is in training for his little people to do this ?. Eirene Bradley We will have to enter the Ted, he’d probably have an asthma attack halfway through??Twyla Pickering Casady Those are awesome ponies and obviously well trained and beautifully cared for Crazy shetland sheepdog lady 2020 #quarantined shirt  . Excellent race!!! Nancy Lebel horse racing is very cruel, kills a lot of horses. I would never go to the races. gamble at the casino, machines don’t feel pain an are not sold to a killer. Chanti Amelia No whips but kicking the ponies like crazy …I am so against this as it teaches kids to treat horses only as a means to an end


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