Cross Jesus Superman shirt



It’s funny how leftists in Europe think that government-funded unemployment benefits are ‘free money’.There’s a  Cross Jesus Superman shirt very good reason that the US doesn’t have cutthroat taxes like in Europe and we Americans don’t die waiting for government medicare. David Sokol Nobody has an issue with getting government aid. People take issue when it’s somebody else getting government aid.Mags Kondrat No as soon as someone gets a job they will insist that since they did it then it’s “just as easy” for everyone else. Humans are basically trash. Paul Murray No because we all had jobs before this happened and most likely all of us will go back to work at those jobs. Todd Guy That what the left hopes for. But the right is going to incentivize going back to work, so this won’t be the case. Candice Roark Yeah right. As an American, I can tell you those that have never needed it will still hold that stigma.

Cross Jesus Superman shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Cross Jesus Superman  shirt
Cross Jesus Superman  shirt
Cross Jesus Superman  shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Trevor John Hill There ain’t gonna be as many jobs to  Cross Jesus Superman shirt gets. In us or uk or Europe, open borders will stop any plans you have for a home and family. Ken Gread Trump is flushing them all down the drain and is going to find new boneheads to support him. It’s fascinating. Jason Mcvay nope. give it a couple of months and conservatives will start calling the unemployed (whose jobs are gone with no replacements open) lazy bums. tick tock.R Ezra Drake Not if the communist Democrats have anything to do with it they’ll have us all on permanent house arrest waiting in the bread line. Richard Coltman *meanwhile burning down stores who had nothing to do with murder*. buy



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