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Why is it always the Crusader Caravan Classic Shirt same unclear picture being used for the tribe? Surely they’ve to take selfies too at some point very sorry for his family. But this was a foolish decision that has cost this young man his life. Now we must respect that these people wish to be left alone. I think the tribe should chop off his head and put it on a Spike as a reminder that this could be you if you don’t leave them alone. It’s simply amazing to me how many people think this guy deserved to die. And that the tribe dud nothing wrong. Murder is murder. Send in an Apache squadron and a unit of commandos. Show them how it’s done. See how good their bow and arrows are against some mounted miniguns. Leave his body. They buried him, respectfully.

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He did not withdraw from a populace who have isolated themselves from the world for so many good reasons and years. Let them live and succeed in their own way.
His family & friends can pray for his soul knowing that he is safely buried in the sand. His soul has gone on to his terrific reward in Heaven. Who cares about his body? He didn’t. Let him have fun in paradise with his 77 virgins. Oops, is that the wrong one? That tribe does not want outsiders of any kind. They do not want people trying to change them or their beliefs or their way of life.

Sorry, the man lost his life in the name of spreading the gospel but Keep out means Keep out. I have strongly considered starting my own indigenous tribe and demand that I will be left alone ep. Just leave well enough alone. He shouldn’t have been there. Yes, the family may want his remains, but we don’t always get what we want. this tribe has managed without us for thousands of years, yet some just can’t let them be, leave this dude’s body there, he disrespected the culture of this island, he deserves no respect in return. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the world champions of border control for the 300th year in a row: Yes- give it up! He knew the risk & said don’t come to get him.

Leave him before we do more harm to that tribe. That island was made off-limits and illegal to land on for a reason, these people want to be left alone to live their lives the way they want, why can’t people just listen to them and leave them alone. My ex-wife will head in to retrieve his body, I’ll convince her tomorrow to leave it with me If he weren’t stupid and stubborn, he’d still be alive. This was done mostly for his own ego, not for God or whatever else he claimed. These people are protected, what he did was illegal, obviously, he is at fault. Leave him where he is! He specifically requested his body be left there if he was killed. Leave it there! Can’t believe they would risk someone else’s life to retrieve that idiot’s body. It would be good if there was a way to teach these people to read and provide basic medical care. Leave it, let it be a lesson for future wanna-be martyrs just amazed how stupid missionaries are he knew he had no business going there I don’t feel sorry for him at all. I do feel sorry for the reporter that was murder in Saudi Arabia and our president once again kicked us under the bushy is anyone even considering retrieving the body? It would help nothing and could be harmful in numerous ways.BBC


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