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Imagine being almost 40 and Curious jane shirt in a group like this well I have an example of what not to be like in some years. He was also facing weapons charges after officers found him with two high-capacity firearm magazines when he was arrested.’ That’s what the Proud Boys do best, loot, arson, destruction.  I love that everyone thinks the entire BLM movement is a single individual, just like they think Antifa is a corporation and not an intangible concept.  What a sad world we live in today what happened to the people burning American flags and buildings, looting stores and setting up barricades, etc? Enrique Tarrio? What a horrible name for a white supremacy group leader. I thought the Proud Boys hated women and this dude looks a mixed-race to me. So, other than violence for the sake of violence and hate for hate’s sake, I can’t figure out what their point is because they have pretty mixed messages in their actions.

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That’s right the Curious jane shirt US press is now a propaganda machine. The headline should read: “charged with destruction of property” but the one you rolled with is incendiary. Not many will click the link and read the article to understand what is going on. He’s just a petty thug in any case.

He is a felon, who was carrying a gun and two illegal and loaded high-capacity magazines for it. That’ll be what they nail him for. What a difference from then to now!! In all honesty, it just seems like Satan is turning everything upside down to instigate his evil !!! It is definitely a battle between good and evil !! People have been too indifferent about God and His teachings and truth.


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