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Well done my dear, heard your story, so sad, Cycologist shirt but you are amazing for what you have just done, your children would be so proud of you, you disserve a medal, well done again. Amazing lady. Words can’t describe the admiration I feel after such terrible heartbreak. Also well done to her cycling companion. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine what it must feel like losing a child let alone three. Good on her for not succumbing to the weight of the unbearable grief but instead using it for good for both herself and others. What an inspiration and an incredible example to us all.What a very sad story but what an amazing woman. No one should have to bury their children first but she got up and did something about it for others. There is. hope for us all. Fantastic accomplishment. Really sad forward about her children.

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May she have the Cycologist shirt health and strength to go.on and help many more families. Absolutely fantastic an inspiration to others so sad she lost her children but pleased shes found to do something positive God Bless her. What an amazingly lovely lady who has suffered what no mum should suffer, well done, you should be sooooo proud and I bet all your children are too. Congratulations on your achievement and for dealing with your grief in such a positive way. I imagine your Whoever controls mainstream media has won but not for long I was told as a kid dont believe everything u hear would have been exceptionally proud of your achievements.

What an impressive lady, don’t think many eighty-year-olds manage a bike never mind cycle that distance. Amazing strength and character. Very well done. That is heartbreaking. Well done to this lady for overcoming the unmeasurable grief she must have suffered and taken on this challenge.What an absolutely amazing lady. An inspiration to anyone. So sorry she lost her children and they would have been blown away & proud.


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