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Una Prest Had doxies all my life so easy to housebreak all very clean but love to torment, just now tore up my grocery.list that I worked on for an hour he chewed it up. I wish the RSPCA would follow Dogs Trust’s footsteps and not allow any rehoming of dogs during the festive season. A dog is Dachshund stay home and chill shirt for life, not just for Christmas.
I hope the dogs have gone to homes that will keep them for a lifetime. Kim Austin Please look into IVDD before getting a Dachshund. They are wonderful dogs but they have fragile spines. One in four has an episode of IVDD during their lifetime. Treatment can cost thousands of pounds so insurance is essential. Dachshunds aren’t the easiest dog to have, they’re notoriously difficult to house train, hate the rain and the cold and suffer from separation anxiety dreadfully.

Dachshund stay home and chill shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

v-neck t-shirt

Best Dachshund stay home and chill shirt

We got our Sweetie at 8 weeks old, and I was aware of the physical issues that can be a challenge, as well as the difficulties owners face over housebreaking. Well, 5 years later she will eat poop voraciously if we don’t stay on top of her, lick pee off the ground or from the source, and pees anywhere, anytime, any chance she can. She also has Degenerative Disc Disease and requires 2X daily medications and Must be carried everywhere, so please know what you are committing to Dachshund stay home and chill shirt, that being said, she is the sweetest bundle of hugs and kisses to ever draw breath. Tanya Holman That’s the thing….. People with kids don’t want adult dogs or cats they want cute pups and kittens. They won’t want them when they are older.


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