Dad brotherhood of electrical workers shirt



Mr. Niazi says that using this Dad brotherhood of electrical workers shirt technique an oil droplet can be manipulated without touching it. Engineers can use the visualization of this phenomenon to develop technologies that can be used in biomedicine and in printing. Well done buddy! Good for you and your country.Between I see a lot of Pakistanis abusing India in the comments section. But why? Hahahaha..:v Grow up guys! We don’t even have time thinking about u. And thats also in a British media page. LOL. Somnath Dutta, I hope he will use his tech for the goodwill of mankind rather than using it in new suicide bombing technology.

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Dad brotherhood of electrical workers shirt
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Dad brotherhood of electrical workers shirt
Dad brotherhood of electrical workers shirt
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Brandon Meadows I was going to post a funny meme of the Dad brotherhood of electrical workers shirt Cheerios bee being pissed that he took his idea but yeah….can’t post pictures.that’s pretty cool. Not to be disrespectful or anything, anyone else thinks he looks like Jimmy Fallon? I came to the comments to see how many idiots complained about this kid’s success because of his nationality. There are many. Shame. Pakistan is such a wonderful country having versatile Nationals who can compete in every field of life with scarce resources…

Wow. I see so many people stealing credit for a random boy’s success just because they are born in the same country. You must lead interesting lives for sure. Answer to a useless speech of Indian foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj at the UN this year’s actions speak louder than words Pakistan is Proud of you. Hmm, ist this really a honeycomb structure? Or is it a Voronoi pattern forming around points where the Ions managed to penetrate the oil? Good Luck Shaheer Niazi in your future endeavors. You made us all proud, you made Pakistan proud. You are the future of Science and Technology. by BBC


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