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Beryl June Reader I’m lucky as I still see my granddaughter. Her mum is a key worker and a Dadpool Deapool like a dad only cooler shirt single parent, so I look after her when her mum is at work and she’s not at school. I do school runs too. Minu Mishra How cute ??? We took life for granted and now it’s becoming clear how vulnerable we are .. God bless we don’t know how much life we have left. nor our elders. So why not spend the quality time with them with a simple hug, to say thanks???? Christine Hsieh Omg it’s so cute. I’m so lucky that I and all my friends, my family are healthy. Although this virus has caused us a lot of harm, it also let us know important each other is. Jaime Scully Curry, I don’t think a sheet of plastic is going to give much protection… Hopefully, he isn’t a carrier and passed the covid onto his grandma

Dadpool Deapool like a dad only cooler shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

tank top
v-neck t-shirt

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John Kimber, They were missing their hugs during visits??  Have I missed something? I didn’t think we were allowed to Dadpool Deapool like a dad only cooler shirt visit relatives? I came back from the USA just before lockdown started and I haven’t seen my grandparents yet! Kate Heath-hart Would love one of these. I miss my hugs soo much. Hugs are healing, hugs make you happy. I miss them. Been self-isolating for 9 weeks with just the dog to hug and thats ‘ruff’Angie Kibiloski I’ve seen multiple devices like this constructed in various locales. I wish either my Mom or I lived in a house with a yard instead of apartment buildings, cuz I would totally be making one hug her with! So cool!


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.