DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt




I never expected this much .what a DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt world Vanessa Harpur I commend all the divers and others involved in this rescue. However, I have to question the utter stupidity and irresponsibility of taking 12 twelve-year-old boys on this type of exercise. Jane Higgins The most amazing bit of rescue work. Well done all those involved. A lot of people owe you a lot. But why were they there in the first place if it was just a visit why go into the caves so deep. 1.5 miles into a cave at different levels and heights etc some hard to get to places. No special equipment very strange especially when there was a chance of heavy rain and flooding. A very strange set up indeed. ?

DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt
DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt
DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt
tank top
DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Nickolas Alves, I would be stuck there forever, my claustrophobia wouldn’t let me move and squeeze underwater in such a DARE dykes against racism everywhere shirt small place..Lucas Anand This is the real mission; saving lives and the entire world united together in prayer and efforts to save the life of these boys. Shyam Kohli Great. Thank God, the boys are back. But so sad for one brave seal who died. Om Shanti for him and family. Alison Packington These navy seals and our 2 British lads need bravery medals also the man who died. Adrienne R.BBC

Angel, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing there was so much foreign aid in this, but it does make me wish the same amount of effort (manpower and financial) went into saving all kids in danger, anywhere they might be in the world. Anna Meyers Me: I thought they played soccer, not football. *Quickly remembers that the US is stupid and are literally the only ones who call PROPER football “Soccer”* Glad they are safe, cannot imagine even being a PARENT waiting to hear if your son is alive or not. And as someone who hates small, dark places, AND the idea of being underwater/not being able to breathe, I can’t imagine the horror of being trapped like that. Hope they all get a big home-cooked meal and a good night’s sleep.



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