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US failed in its initial response to COVID-19 catastrophically. No amount of Deandra Reynolds Joke’s on Dee shirt game and conspiracy theory can excuse the US for their shamble of an approach to COVID-19. They had little PPEs, they had no social distancing and lockdown measures in place. And their leader dismissed COVID-19 outrightly because the prospect of lockdown would damage the economy, therefore, threaten his re-election prospect. They discarded WHO’s advice on testing kit and instead opted to develop their own, waste of precious time and resources. They failed to organize and distribute PPEs on a federal level and left each state to fend for themselves. They failed to institute a national lockdown mandate which caused utter confusion for local authorities and communities.

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It is in the bedroom. So he had Deandra Reynolds Joke’s on Dee shirt asking me to put my hair in pigtails. So I went and bought a cute new night outfit…not really sexy but not my normal bed attire. So he called one evening and said he was going to be late. So i showered shaved and put on my outfit. Then I pulled my hair into pigtails. Well, it was a good evening. The more subtle, but to me more interesting one: If not for the EC, Republicans in CA (and the minority party in all the non-swing-states) would have more incentive to turn out to vote. This would affect all races on the ballot including state and local ones and would (I think) result in a bunch of states becoming less controlled by a single party which would be a generally positive development. It would also likely result in higher overall turnout, which I think is also a positive development.


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