Declare variables not war shirt


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Rob Forster, This was  Declare variables not war shirt centuries ago. The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. Caleb Pereslete It was also Britain that freed all of the slaves long before the US. If we had not had the revolutionary war we would have had to free all of the slaves and never had a civil war. We would have eventually been a slave-free country like Canada. Symeon Onipede This scapegoating of Great Britain is of no help in creating a better society. All it breeds is discontent, anger, and resentment for the British society. Slavery is human history and not exclusively British history.

Declare variables not war shirt, Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank top

Declare variables not war shirt
Declare variables not war shirt
Declare variables not war shirt
tank top
Declare variables not war shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Adam Simone Buffoli “Let’s point fingers at a Declare variable not war shirt nation-state because we as humans can’t take responsibility ourselves.”Jeanie Sidebottom For goodness sake let the past go we can’t alter it so let’s live for the future. And all live our lives the best we can. James Boston 25,000+ years of conquest and slavery, every nation/country started through these acts. No exceptions. Lona Pierce British upper class supported the South during the American Civil War by sending supplies. Lost money on that investment. Tricia Corton Timothy Stephenson I’ve said this so many times in my 73 years but you will never hear it biblically spoken of. The outcry would be huge! Two wrongs never make a right, but I would like to see more balance in the debate, but now we won’t see that in a hurry

Steve McCrory, I’ve been watching bbc posts for the last few months and generally they’ve been leaning towards hate and passively inciting …America needs to become a shining example, not point fingers saying, “but they started it” as a child on a playground. Luis David Ruiz Santiago This is also part of history. The same one people here so vocal in “protecting” when it comes to statues. But when an article talks about the actual history, silence. Pretty telling. Donna Woodsmall, how far should we take these things back? what about pot’s of all nations..weren’t they auctioned off? Haven’t women always been up for grabs?..jeez people get over the horrors of the past. Humanity has been cruel on itself..moping about the past and using it as a free ride, suks.BBC


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