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Everyone would have done this & that until they’re actually in the Dewitt Clinton High School Alumni Shirt hot-seat moderating the debate. I’m not saying Wallace did a great job, far from it.. do I think these two would do any better. These are just some of the things that happened here we see at home in the united kingdom when you do something here we will see it so bloody well act responsibly otherwise we Britt’s will post it as you can see. That’s all very well however, don’t you realize that’s the way the man operates to get his own way and why this Country is suffering! I think they should get points for being good and take away points if they are bad. Then in the end the one with the most points gets a gold star to show on TV till the election. Could have been worse we could have seen them but their fingers in their ears and make stupid noises and pull funny faces at each other. Probably need to get a nursery school worker. At least they would have experience changing diapers and wiping up vomit. I hope Mr. Trump will take a stick for leading u.s for the next term. if you have got a history from somewhere that you ever heard the u.s president take only one term in leadership, continue saying, the opposition for Mr trump will take over next. Why can adults not do what we rightfully expect of children?

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And I am not just talking about these three men. We teach kids to Dewitt Clinton High School Alumni Shirt show respect but then when we grow up anything goes. As a mom…I would’ve warned them about speaking over each other. And then after they did not heed my warning, I’d apply consequences. The consequence being duct tape over your mouth until it is your turn to speak.

If anyone cussed (which I do not believe they did) or disrespected me (as they did to the very ineffective moderator) I’d warn them. And then if they did it again…you have to go to your room & no more debate for you. If the other debater was respectful & did not have to leave then he’d have all that time to himself to make his point & speak.


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