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If they’d replaced the Dinosaur youth shirt metal rod with some kind of transparent material that would have been living like. Attention to detail this is impressive work! Yet I do feel that money and that talent could have been spent doing something more productive than just aesthetic and entertainment. These dinosaurs are so lifelike it’s amazing. Can’t recommend the show Walking With Dinosaurs enough. It’s art, it’s history. I would rather see ppl snapping pics of mechanical dinosaurs than marching around with hoods on their heads or robbing and killing. No harm was done here. Looks cool but I imagine that left a giant carbon footprint on the planet and no one is being fed or Housed by it. Just saying …Very realistic looking. How cool would it be if we could go back in time to see our planet as magnificent creatures roaming the earth? Love that it can’t be done without a mobility aid….still haven’t figured out how they walk without falling over…and bumblebees fly!

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Please station him outside of the Dinosaur youth shirt White House with a recording “I’m coming for you!”I’d like to see him in a less menacing context like the animal posts showing all creatures having emotions and feeling love. Just amazing. A pity the sound of the hydraulics acting; I think it breaks the spell on kids but, indeed, engineers can’t make up for that by now.

I thought Millie and Ella like might to see this but don’t show them if you think they would be scared. Yes, they’re trying to find a nickname for the news editor. The top suggestions are Dartford and Channel, well they all have tunnel vision. Wow, it’s so cool! It’s the most lifelike one I’ve ever seen till now. It would probably freak out the real lion or tiger if it appears in front of them.


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