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Looks likes to me he has just hidden the DMX never die alone no king rules forever shirt gun behind the fence, correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t see a gun in his hand. And thinking about it he was on one side of the fence and the gun was pictured on the other side. Another cop overreacting. So sad to know that he was 13 and he was carrying a firearm, prayers to the family. The officer might have acted instinctively when he saw a firearm, and he could have not known what this boy was going to do with that weapon. We need better civic education on how people should interact with police, to avoid such senseless losses of life. Love how we know now he was shot even not having a weapon in his hands at the time it happened but we will still find a way to justify child death. A good number of you people are pathetic. If you think this is justified I feel so bad for your families you probably verbally abuse them every day because you obviously dont know the good from the bad. Right from wrong. Just because he had a gun at any time doesnt mean he deserved to die. The worst crime anyone could ever commit is to deprive a child their life. It is as if you have killed the future of humanity. I saw the footage, the poor boy who might have been extremely frightened and confused was murdered in cold blood!

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DMX never die alone no king rules forever t-shirt
DMX never die alone no king rules forever t-shirt

“No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.”
He surrendered, followed the orders of the DMX never die  officer, but still got shot instead of being apprehended and tried before the law. The logic of those defending the murder (not an act of self-defense) is flawed and shows overtones of contempt for a person belonging to a minority group. It’s sad how people in the US can be so indifferent, especially to a child!

Was it even a real Handgun? Why were the police so aggressive? The kid had stopped, running, and raised his hands. He wasn’t a threat.
He was a kid, I stupid one I grant you, but still a kid. The police should never have pulled their guns in the first place, Tasers maybe if in an extreme situation, but even from the footage, you could tell he was a kid. He wouldn’t have shot the officer, it takes a lot for anyone to deliberately shoot another person, not to mention a police officer and it would be way beyond anything a young kid could do. Common sense is needed. You have to start at the beginning.BBC

The US needs much tougher gun laws. When a 13-year-old is DMX never dies nning around with a gun in the first place then you have to question that society. The right to bear arms is a relic going back to days when there were militia and marauding Indians. It’s an 18th Century amendment and has no place in the 21st century. Stop blaming the boy and stop blaming the cop and take a look at the very constitution that will continue to allow these kinds of outrages to happen. Years ago I had a cop friend and I told him that he had one foot in the grave already and his reply was, “That’s part of the job description. Nowadays the mantra for police is “they want to be able to go home to their families.” That mantra is what’s killing kids and people here. I remember the case with Philando Castile. Poor guy was often stopped needlessly by cops and in the end, one really did him in. Sigh. Woe is America!


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