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Irene Davis Uplifting the Afghan people is a Dog Golingo Art Paint shirt wonderful thing! Uplift away…bring that joy on…fill their hearts with hope…paint every home…lift every spirit…let the peace begin and thrive! Happy for the Afghan people! Tan Ch’eng Wooi I believe it’ll work. The colors chosen are also right as pastels have a soothing effect. With hope and a change of mindset, anything is possible. Nicky Arrindell Enough of the criticism already can’t we just be happy for another country. Its a step forward. Da’Haru and Great to see some colors in their life, it gives you a sense of livingness. It may not have a big impact on them but it sure will give them hope. I hope for change. Sadam Quraishy No need to make beautiful first of all we need for security and a good economy than think about the painting or to make beautiful. Edwin Nazarian This project will work as long as barbarians don’t invade … Take India’s example. After the British left, India becoming a global power, heading towards starts … good job, by civilized Afghan people.

Dog Golingo Art Paint shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Dog Golingo Art Paint hoodie
Dog Golingo Art Paint ladies-tee
Dog Golingo Art Paint tank top
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Lorna Austria Same here in Baguio Philippines were some houses painted like that most of Dog Golingo Art Paint shirt they are in the mountain so it looks cool. Ingrid Saab de Villagomez, This is the key. Getting people busy with projects is the secret to improving their livelihood and society. This will bring a sense of happiness and greater change TOGETHER. It breaks my heart to see my motherland being deprived of the most basic and sweet gift, PEACE.
My ppl deserve so much happiness. We have suffered enough. It’s really heartbreaking I swear.No one honest to finish the terror of Afghan land everyone work and stay their for their own national interest…it will make me happy my happiness is peace … And stability


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