Dog I found this humerus shirt




Stephi Gillespie, I’d actually do time for my Dog I found this humerus shirt dogs. Anyone doing that would turn up one more time & my fist would be waiting for their face.  the contract releases pets at home and its groomers from any esponsibilityMargaret Pickering The number of dogs allowed with a walker should be limited to 4 in my opinion. I see many with up to 7 dogs, all running loose. If one was to start a fight they’d probably all pile in.

The dog I found this humerus shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Dog I found this humerus hoodie
Dog I found this humerus ladies-tee
Dog I found this humerus tank top
tank top
Dog I found this humerus v-neck T-shirt
v-neck T-shirt

Debbie Wills 5 years! Should never have animals again. Why do we give people the Dog I found this humerus shirt chance to have animals again? Need to be harsher in this country.  When I got my giant schnauzer I learned how to groom him & bought the equipment – it’s such a lovely bonding experience – he didn’t have to be tied up-or sedated as Ive heard can happen at some groomers he just stood there for me – all my dogs love to be groomed – I’m not a professional groomer & ive saves hundreds of pounds – I wouldn’t get a groomed breed if I couldn’t look after it myself David Edwards If she hit my dog she would get hit in retaliation. These type of people dont care about the animals they are supposedly caring for. It is all about money for them. There needs to be some sort of regulation and licensing.

Pauline Sullivan, I have been sending my little Dog to the same groomer for years he was fine with it. A dog is your own responsibility for walking and training is all part of why you have a dog. I wouldn’t trust anybody with my dogs. Anne Lorraine Testor Sadly, a license means absolutely nothing. Such a shame for all the great people who do look after your pets in your absence. Personally I couldn’t keep my hands off anyone who dared harm my pets. BBC



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